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The information you provide in this form will be used solely for dealing with you as a member of the Scammonden Water Sailing Club. The Club has a Data Privacy Policy which can be found on the Club website.

Your data will be stored and used in accordance with this policy.

The Club may arrange for images or videos to be taken of Club activities and published on the Club’s website, publications or social media channels to promote the Club.
The Club publishes an annual yearbook, which will include members’ names and telephone numbers and will be available to all members. A historical copy is stored in the Clubhouse.

Please be aware that if you later decide to withdraw your consent it will not be possible to remove your contact details or images from printed material until the next time the printed material is updated.

Please contact the clubs Hon Secretary Alan Goodrum if you have any data privacy concerns.

Payment details will be displayed after you press the Submit button. Please ensure you make a note of the total payment due from the figures above.


  1. For subscription purposes the age limits referred to are the ages on January 1st 2021.
  2. Subscriptions are due on demand; failure to pay in full could result in a member being struck off the register of the Club.
  3. Members must assist with Race Officer and Rescue duties. It is the member’s responsibility to arrange replacement cover for any dates on which they are not available.
  4. All boats must pass the Club Buoyancy Test before being sailed at Scammonden.
  5. Family membership includes 1 full member, spouse and children under 18.
  6. NSM (non-sailing member) membership allows a member to participate in social and supporting activities of the club,
    e.g. safety boat duties. A NSM can sail up to six days per year by paying the Day Launch Fee but cannot keep a boat at SWSC. Refer to the Club Constitution document on the club’s website for full details.
  7. Rates for 2nd and 3rd and additional dinghies and boards are applicable to individual owners registering more than one craft.
  8. Members joining in October and paying a full year’s fee are deemed to have paid fully for the following year’s membership.
  9. Late payment charges are applicable to payments received by the Membership Secretary AFTER 14th MARCH 2021
  10. For Group, Honorary or Temporary memberships, please contact us here.